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Metal industry transformation and upgrading

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China's hardware industry through hard work, and finally in the last few years, a good news, exciting. After ten years of bloody battles, the hardware industry experienced ups and downs, and truly become a hardware power, fearless and standing on the international market, is facing a golden stage of development.

8000 billion yuan until 1 trillion yuan of sales, so that after 10 years of struggle and jump Teng development China hardware, deserved to into the column as a world-class manufacturing power series, and with the transformation and upgrading, the pace of innovation and development, is toward create powerful proudly entered. Experts believe that this data is full of China's hardware for 10 years of history and history of the upgrade. The creation of this historic miracle is China's hardware industry accounted for 99% of private enterprises, these are from family, collective and state-owned enterprises, the successful transition to the modern enterprise system, successfully turned to private enterprises. After the reform and opening up, the hardware industry more absorb private capital to enter from the past plan economy period countries limited capital investment fixed-point distribution and set up factories and civilian consumer goods in the field of competition country retreats, until private capital accounted for dominance.

The individual family enterprise system, and those who have lost the survival power of the collective, state-owned enterprises, has no longer suitable for the development of the new situation. Hardware enterprises how to break the shackles, again dakuo walking into? And the other manufacturing industry enterprise is facing the same major task. In the privatization reform of the way, the introduction of modern enterprise system is the answer.

Shenyang Zhuhai Shuangxi pressure cooker company, Guangdong macro gas hot water device company is a model of collective and state-owned enterprises to successful transformation. Once, was a smash hit in the Shenyang double happiness, because of institutional reasons, relaxed core technology research and development, the enterprise to suffocate, go to edge on the verge of collapse. In the face of harsh reality, Double Happiness accepted this drastic restructuring. Although in transformation at the turn of the 2.7 billion yuan of debt, but business leaders Jiang Tianen, pull raging waves in both the fall and eventually to restructuring and revitalize the enterprise. Products from the past single pressure cooker varieties, developed a variety of cooking utensils products. Especially after 2000, since the major move to throw Double Happiness south of Zhuhai. After struggling to fight, double happiness with renewed vigor, continues to expand the scale, production capacity, market, products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Enterprises not only have a modern plant, but also to the factory and the modern garden together, the spirit of the human spirit of radiation.