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Hardware products how to maintain

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1, to maintain the cleanliness of the hardware fittings, use the water stains on the surface of the use of water stains, etc., and often keep the surface clean and dry.

2, not the hot cup of tea or other high-temperature objects placed directly in the furniture hardware accessories (glass, stainless steel, metal handle, etc.), should use a tripod, heat insulation pad, in order to avoid surface discoloration or blistering.

3, do not use sharp, hard goods scraping test surface, use a damp cloth to scrub or a damp cloth dipped in neutral detergent extract or detergent treatment after should wipe dry water can be.

4, avoid using a hard object impact or surface with sharp scratch hardware accessories, avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, brine or trait.

5, with serious surface stains or scratch, burn fireworks and use sandpaper (400-500) light grinding surface, and then cleaning cloth.

6, metal rails, hinges, hinge and so on should be marked with lubricating oil regularly, to keep the bright lubrication.