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Hardware product consumption

2015-08-13 15:45:22 Click:199

With the gradual increase in the level of the people's consumption, the car into ordinary people's homes, the car with the car and car accessories demand has been greatly improved. Car with the vehicle tools including a wrench, Jack, rivet guns, etc., especially in the electric car with the car tool sales. Electric vehicle with the vehicle's small size, light weight, good performance, safe use. Rivet gun can also be applied to decoration, carpentry and other decorative industry, more than one stroke.

At the same time, the utility of family combination tools has begun to go into ordinary people's homes. Exquisite packaging, complete variety, a wide range of functions and reasonable price, is a good helper for family and business, but also a good gift for friends and relatives. In particular, some foreign tourists, the combination of practical family tool is a special time, to buy a set of personal use or gifts to friends and relatives, economic and benefits.

Hardware tools product requirements are very strong, especially the emergence of a gift tool set, for the hardware tool industry pointed out a new way. Garden tools also stately into ordinary family. Its style and color is also a change in the past monotonous, new style and new style and yellow, green, blue and other colors, especially in the tool type, compared with the previous rich.

International model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui said in hardware emerging trends in the market driven, practical household tools, garden tools, automotive supplies, tools, machine tools and other hardware tools class goods Qiao price Yang, procurement steadily rose, optimistic about the sales situation, should vigorously develop electric start, hand tools, measuring tools, range finder, pneumatic tools, garden tools, desktop tools, focus on the development of high-grade exquisite combination of tools, auto tools, construction hardware, kitchen electric tools products with, accelerate the formation of multi varieties, multi specifications and series of with independent intellectual property rights of the core technology and products.

A clear focus on the development of the industrial structure upgrade is the time. China's electric tool industry production and management situation is still strong. Domestic electric tools market demand is still very large, will promote domestic enterprises in the domestic production and management of those enterprises to the good direction of development. But it is also noted that, due to the difficulties encountered in foreign trade, many of the original only to do foreign trade exports of electric tools enterprises have begun or have turned to the domestic market, exacerbated by the domestic electric tool market competition. Those who take the "Shou" potential in the face of difficulties, without enterprise, will encounter more crisis. While foreign hardware import tool companies have paid great attention to the new design of the product, the research and Development Department of the research and development department each year have a large number of survey and research, and on the basis of the new product design. Hardware tools, such as STANLEY, China's OEM orders, a new product every year. Therefore, we want to see the gap, continuous learning beyond the development of better.