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Hardware origin

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The most primitive form of a change from the window openings form, which is used to resist the bad weather and outdoor lighting. When the window material is very rich, from the parchment to goatskin, horn slices to linseed oil - in fact, any a translucent, light transmitting materials can be used for the window. Eleventh Century with the construction of the European Christ Church and a large number of stained glass applications, the role of the window into the decorative arts to render religious mystery. Before the end of seventeenth Century, the "lattice window" by the glass production constraints, are based on the outline of the grid to the corresponding small pieces of glass into the glass. So at this time the window function is just the wind and rain and prevent thieves invasion. Until the end of seventeenth Century, with the progress of the times, the production of glass industrialization, the relationship between people and nature, people realized that the window should be pure - and not only has a simple lighting, viewing, shielding the role of wind and rain. During British invention of the straight edge vertical hinged window (i.e. casement); the Dutch invented the sash (i.e. sash window), sash along the vertical direction in a sliding way by a pulley device control. Marks the birth of "door and window hardware system".

The object and function of hardware system in the development of aluminum alloy door and window system

With the continuous development of architectural form and functional requirements, the requirements of the curtain wall is more and more high, and in order to meet the requirements of the building, hardware system technology in the role of doors and windows design also need to be re thought. That looks very simple, but it is not the case. This requires careful planning, guidance and investment a lot of energy and financial resources to achieve the purpose of such a design. Hardware system design and development should have a certain adaptability and flexibility. In the design and development process should be fully considered "building factor" and "human factor". Its decorative, functional, safety, convenience and comfort should meet the requirements of architectural design.

For aluminum alloy doors and windows system development and design of the ultimate goal - a new form of doors and windows, only when the designer's mind has a complete and clear concept, to produce a clear window and door form. So to achieve this goal, the designer must be traced back to the original features of the problem, and can be found in some of the models. Only by understanding our goals and design guidelines, we can develop the system. So the development of the system and the doors and windows and doors and windows hardware selection or development is closely linked to each other. More important is the wind pressure deformation, water tightness, water tightness, air tightness, insulation, sound insulation, internal deformation, opening and closing, vertical load, repeated opening and closing, and other hardware systems are related to the performance of the door and window, and play a decisive role, as the door and window industry expert Professor Li Zhiyi advocated hardware accessories non supporting role, but the heart of the doors and windows".

Doors and windows hardware system diversification

The development of architectural design concept and the development of windows system technology and the further development of mechanical and material industry, building hardware category also from the traditional simple form to the functional, special development. Doors and windows will be more dynamic, energy saving systems, lighting systems, ventilation systems and doors and windows of the link will make the hardware has more accurate functional characteristics, as well as the doors and windows and doors and windows of the relevant systems. A variety of hardware system arises at the historic moment, forms such as the common market: flat open hardware, flat open hardware, opened within the inverted hardware, hanging in the window hardware (vertical hanging turn), suspended window hardware (horizontal rotation), suspended window hardware, push and pull push hardware accessories, flat, move to introverted smooth side and hardware, electrical hardware, intelligent electric hardware, folded to open hardware, lifting hardware, ventilation equipment and so on.

Below the door and window ventilation function for an analysis, we can see the future direction of the doors and windows and doors and windows. The 2002 edition of the "China ecological residential technology assessment manual" requirements "open the doors and windows when the indoor draught should be, more than 90% of the indoor space should to realize natural ventilation" (necessary conditions). 2001 national residential and living environment engineering center of the "health residential construction technology points" in the requirements of "residential space should be able to natural ventilation, no ventilation dead", "should prevent air pollution to human health damage, to stop the indoor air of pathogens and harmful substances. During winter heating and summer air conditioning, there should be room for fresh air exchange and supplementary equipment". The show is to make full use of natural ventilation, and ventilation doors and windows requires supporting the installation of metal pieces control window sash opening direction to adjust the wind direction, wind speed and air flow into the, the side effect is to heat loss and increase the burden of building energy consumption, and air entrainment of impurities and mosquitoes and flies into the interior. Both in summer and winter, indoor temperature with ventilation rapidly changing, summer cold air leaked cause indoor temperature, winter in indoor heat rapidly and lost a lot, the heat change with the indoor and outdoor air flow is an important reason to cause the energy consumption, accounting for roughly 20% of building energy consumption. Considering the factor of ventilation time, windows open the fan is often instant turn-on and turn off, if the filter window ventilation hardware design, although timely ventilation effect is not obvious, but sustainable ventilation and indoor temperature slow changes, more adapted to comfortable and healthy. So the window through the combination of hardware system design, so as to achieve a good natural ventilation effect.