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Stainless steel hoop performance

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One, mechanical properties. We can see from this word stainless steel standard parts mainly uses stainless steel wire as raw material, and then in accordance with the steps of production standard parts to play a series of process, in the mechanical properties, we can know a lot of with stainless steel wire has a great relationship. For example, will not rust, high corrosion resistance of these are followed by the nature of the stainless steel has a great relationship with the standard parts of the continuous development of these mechanical properties are also following the growing stronger.

Two, high temperature resistance. Due to the hardness of the stainless steel itself is relatively strong, so that the production of manufacturers out of the hoop has a strong anti oxidative capacity, and is not able to work under high temperature, will not burn too much influence, if you can passivation at the same time, then the effect will become better and better.

Three, the force capacity. For stainless steel hoop, can withstand the load is in comparison, although not able to compare with the high strength bolts, but also meet the needs of normal people.

Four, physical performance. Has a relatively high rate of electricity. And carbon steel wire ratio up, we can see the stainless steel fasteners of the electric rate is five times higher than carbon steel. In the standard part has an expansion coefficient, the manufacturer of the hoop has been tested to know if the temperature is higher, the expansion coefficient of the stainless steel fastener will be improved.