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Hardware industry product classification

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There are many kinds of hardware products, different specifications, but hardware products in home decoration plays an irreplaceable role, choose a good hardware accessories can make a lot of decoration materials used more safe and convenient. Incredibly materials market management of hardware products, a total of more than 10 kinds of products.


(1) the exterior door handle (2) lock (3) drawer lock (4) of the ball type door lock (5) glass window lock (6) electronic lock (7) Lian Zisuo (8) anti-theft lock (9) to lock the bathroom (10) padlock (11) number lock (12) (13) lock lock core

Handle class

(1) (2) cabinet drawer handle (3) glass door handle

Doors and windows

Door stopper (tracks: (1) hinge: glass hinge, corner hinge, bearing hinge (copper, steel, pipe hinge (2) hinge: Heaven and earth hinge shaft, torque hinge (3) track drawer rail, sliding door, folding door track, hidden door track and arc track, a hanging wheel, glass pulley (4) pin Ming and dark) (5) (6) ceiling (7) and spring (8) door clip (9) door closers (10) plate pin (11) door mirror (12) anti-theft deduction hanging (13) batten (copper, aluminum, PVC) (14) touch beads, magnetic touch beads

Home Decor

(1) the universal wheel (2) cabinet legs (3) a door nose (4) duct (5) of stainless steel trash (6) metal hanging brace (7) blocking head (8) curtain rod (copper, wood) (9) curtain rod rings (plastic and steel) (10) seal (11) lifting airer (12) of the clothes hooks, racks

Water heating

(1) plastic pipe (2) three (3) of thread elbow (4) leakproof valve (5) valve (6) character valve (7) through the valve (8) ordinary floor drain (9) washing machine special floor drain (10) tape (11) pump

Architectural decoration

(1) galvanized iron pipe (2) stainless steel tube (3) plastic expansion pipe (4) pulling rivet (5) cement nail (6) advertisement nail (7) mirror nail (8) expansion bolts (9) self tapping screws (10) glass holder (11) the glass clip (12) insulation tape (13) aluminum alloy ladder (14) goods bracket


(1) a hacksaw (2) hand saw blade (3) pliers (4) screwdriver (word, cross) (5) tape (6) combination pliers (7) needle nose pliers (8) oblique mouth clamp (9) glass glue gun (10) straight shank twist drill (11) diamond bit (12) electric hammer drill (13) Kong Qi (14) opening wrench and plum (15) hand riveter (16) grease gun (17) hammer sleeve (18) (19) wrench (20) steel tape, tape box, meter.

Nail gun, iron scissors, marble saw blade

Putty knife, spoon, knife, shovel ash brick, clean blade, knife, stir gray rod.

Sanitary ware

(1) leading the pool that wash a face (2) washing machine leading (3) delay leading (4) shower (5) a soap dish holder, soap butterfly (6) single cup frame, single cup (7) double cup frame, double cup, (8) towel rack (9) toilet brush bracket, toilet brush (10) single bar towel rack, double towel bar frame (11) monolayer placing frame (12) multilayer stowage rack (13) towel rack (14) beauty mirror (15) hanging mirror (16) soap dispenser (17) hand dryer

Kitchen appliances category

(1) kitchen cabinets Lalan (2) kitchen Pendant (3) sink, sink faucet (4) scrubber (5) lampblack machine (Chinese style, European style) (6) gas stoves (7) the oven (electricity, gas) (8) water heater (electric, gas) (9) pipeline, natural gas, liquefied tank (10) of gas heating furnace (11) dishwasher (12) disinfection cabinet (13) Yuba (14) exhaust fan (top, window type, wall type) (15) water purification device (16) dry skin (17) food residue processor (18) electric rice cooker (19) hand dryer (20) refrigerator

Mechanical parts

(1) gear (2) machine tool accessories (3) spring (4) seal (5) separation equipment (6) welding material (7) fastening piece, a connecting piece (8) bearing (9) transmission chain (10) furnace head (11) chain lock (12) sprocket (13) casters, caster (14) chemical pipes and accessories (15) pulley (16) drum (17) clamps (18) and (19) ball, ball (20) steel wire rope (21) bucket teeth (22) hanging pulley (23) hook, hook (24) through (25) roller (26) conveyor belt (27) nozzle, the nozzle joint

Furniture fittings

(1) furniture hardware feet (2) furniture hardware frame (3) wood screws (4) hinge handle slide (6) (7) spacer pin (8) hanger (9) nail (10) heading machine (11) rub tooth machine (12) multi station machine (13) gas moving rod (14) casters (15) five-star pin spring (16), (17) zipper (18) bubble nail (19) Ma Ding (20) furniture machinery

Stamping parts

Material and mould

Hardware stamping parts of the hardness testing using the. Small, complex shaped stamping parts, which can be used to test the plane is small, can not be detected in the ordinary desktop. PHP series portable surface of the hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of these parts. Alloy stamping parts are the most common parts in the field of metal processing and machine manufacturing. Stamping parts processing is the use of mold to make the metal plate with the separation or forming process. Its application range is very wide.

Stamping parts processing, including punching, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. Stamping parts processing material is hot or cold rolling (cold rolling) of metal plate with material, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc..

Hardness test of 1 parts

Hardness testing, the main purpose is to determine the extent of the metal sheet metal is suitable for the subsequent processing, different kinds of stamping parts processing technology, the need for different levels of hardness of the plate. Used for stamping parts processing of aluminum alloy sheet available Merriam Webster Hardness Tester, material thickness is larger than 13mm can switch to Barcol hardness meter, pure aluminum or low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be used to Barcol hardness meter.

2, stamping die hardness testing

The main material of the die is die steel (including tool steel and high speed steel), sometimes used in hard alloy.

Stamping die is usually required to have a high degree of hardness and wear resistance, heat treatment is essential.