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Corrosion prevention method for metal drawing parts

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Main method for corrosion resistance of metal drawing parts

To change the internal structure of the metal. For example, the addition of chromium, nickel into ordinary steel made of stainless steel.

In the metal surface cover protection layer. For example, forming a dense corrosion resistant oxide film by chemical method in painting or plating, metal surface. Drawing parts manufacturer

Electrochemical protection method. Because the metallic cannot electronics, as long as the protected metal electrochemical device reduction reaction pole cathode, can make caused by metal galvanic corrosion of original battery reaction to remove. The specific method is: the cathodic protection method of A. applied current. By means of an electrolytic device, the metal to be protected is connected with the power supply, and the metal is not corroded by the inert electrode to do so as long as the applied voltage is strong enough. Cathodic protection of B. sacrificial anode. Using the original battery device to make the metal to be protected and another more volatile metal to form a new primary battery. When the original battery reaction, the original metal to do the positive (ie, the cathode), is protected, is corrosive and active metal - negative (Ji Yangji). In addition, the addition of corrosion inhibitor, etc., to slow down or prevent the metal parts are corrosion.